Prof. N. Abul Faiz

Prof. N. Abul Faiz, Founder and Director of AF School of News Reading, having 32 years of Media experience and 27 years of Educational experience in Teaching Media subjects and Media departments Administration. He started his media journey from All India Radio and Doordharshan, then continued in Zee TV Network. As a News Presenter and Program Producer he got continuous exposure of  twelve  years with Sun TV Network.  In the field of CINEMA, appeared and done the character role.  Now he is proceeding as a Freelancer for various TV and Radio Channels and also serving as an Advisor and Educational Consultant for Mass Communication departments of various educational institutions in India.

Prof.N.Abul Faiz is educationally qualified in M.A.English Language & Literature, M.A.Journalism & Mass Communication, M.Phil., LL.B. 

He completed his Under Graduate and Post Graduate at St.Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli and continued his teaching service as an English Lecturer at his Alma-Mater, St.Joseph’s College.

Being a Media Person he served is as Professor and Head, The Department of Visual Communication, The New College, Chennai, India for 15 years. The Media Labs, Studios, Multimedia Lab and the whole block of the department was designed by him. Also his contribution in the staff appointment and enhancement of the Media Studies Department.  The Event Management for 9th and 10th Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF) organised by ICAF was done by the students and faculty of Visual Communication Department, The New College under the guidance of him, as Head of the Department (can refer the blog ‘Vis.Com. The New College’).

He started ‘AF School of News Reading’ in 2003 as a pioneer institution in India started exclusively for News Reading Training. Then slowly the training is expanded to News Presentation, News Production, TV Journalism, Broadcasting, Radio Jockey(RJ) and VJ. ( ‘AF School of News Reading’ is become a unit of AF Communications Private Limited in 2016.

Professor is a professional English Enhancer and English Accent and Communication Trainer.  Accent Training is given to the reputed company officers and other employees.  Accent and style of presentation training is given to English News Presenters of TV and Radio channels.  Also such type of accent training giving to the school and college students depend on their age through the company AF Communications Pvt. Ltd.

He is a Consultant/Advisor for few reputed and prestigious colleges and schools of India and Member of  the Board of Studies, Guest Faculty and Visiting Faculty for Media Courses of reputed colleges in India and is a Resource Person for Personality Development & Effective Communication Courses.

Professor started his teaching career as a part-time faculty in St.Joseph’s College where he studied and graduated B.A. and M.A.English Language and Literature and then he became as a Full-Time lecturer there itself. He was very proud to be a lecturer of the college where he studied. Also he was a Course Director for Journalism and Mass Communication, he taught for the students of Holy Cross College for Women and Jamal Mohammed college, Tiruchirapalli, India. He framed the syllabus and taught the subject of Mass communication when it was introduced for the students of M.A.English Literature in Holy Cross College, Affiliated by Bharathidasan University. Also being qualified in Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication he continued his service as a Senior Lecturer in Thani Nayagam Adigal Institute of Journalism, Affiliated by Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, India and he guided the students’ projects and dissertations. As a remarkable mile stone he was appointed as a part-time lecturer in the department of Media Studies, ANNA UNIVERSITY and continued his service for the period of one year.  He shared his knowledge with Under Graduate and Post Graduate students of Media Studies. Since his college days  he was very attracted by the subject ‘Personality Development’, especially Communication, English Pronunciation and Accent were the most attracted topics to him. So he was invited by MADRAS UNIVERSITY to train the students who did the course on Travel and Tourism and he did the service for two years. Also he was requested by ASCON West Asia Group of Companies, Dubai to train the candidates before they sent to abroad for their jobs and this service was continued by the professor for four years. In 2003 Professor started a training school called AF SCHOOL OF NEWS READING in Chennai, India.  It was a first step of his dream and he did the hard work to bring it up to the best level. Then the school signed MOU with Annamalai University and has offered B.Sc.Broadcasting and P.G.Diploma in News Reading. Now the school has signed MOU with few reputed institutions of Chennai and other cities. Through his academic services in various reputed colleges and Universities Prof.N.Abul Faiz has produced many field experts like Journalists (both print and Electronic media), TV Program Producers, News Anchors, Analysts, Film Directors, Camera men, News Presenters, Graphic Designers, Animators and Ad Photographers.

In a nutshell

  • Founder & Director, AF School of News Reading, Chennai, India.
  • Managing Director, AF Communications Pvt. Ltd.
  • Media Person –  News Presenter & Analyst – Program producer & presenter.
  • Advisor & Educational Consultant for  few Media Departments, Colleges and Schools  in Chennai and other states.
  • Guest/Visiting Faculty, Media Subjects, Personality Development, English Accent Trainer, Tamil Accent Trainer. 

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