News is a vital part of our lives. We live in a very information-oriented society. There is an ever-increasing public demand for complete & genuine coverage of what is happening in the world today. Therefore Radio and TV stations are constantly in need of news casting personnel trained professionally as well as who possess spontaneous presentation and delivery over the air.

It’s a demanding career indeed that also offers opportunities and rewards not available in most other professions. The life of a broadcaster is stimulating and challenging. It offers creative satisfaction, prestige and fulfils the love of performing before an audience. Most successful broadcasters are ambitious, inspiring and dedicated aspirants.

A career in NEWS will open up a whole new exciting world! Opportunities exist in the areas of news reporting, interviewing, and on-the-air anchoring. Although competition is keen, well-trained News Casters are eagerly sought and highly valued by both TV & Radio networks — from local reporters to International correspondents, the opportunities are boundless!