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For your kind information:
AF School is only a training institution, the placements or recommendations will not be given by the school. We will train and mould them as they desired with professional output.
The following candidates got the opportunity by their talent, effort and confident.
Your SELF-CONFIDENCE will be the secret of your SUCCESS!





Sl. No.  Name of the Candidate       Designation            Channel  

        (First  joined)

 Channel at present
127 Ms.Meharunnisa Program Presenter DOORDHARSHAN(Sep17 DOORDHARSHAN
126 Ms.Amirthavalli Program Presenter DOORDHARSHAN(Sep17 DOORDHARSHAN
125 Mr.Premkumar News Presenter MOON TV(Aug.17) MOON TV
124 Mr.Praveenkumar News Presenter MOON TV (Aug.17) MOON TV
123 Ms. Sudha  News Presenter  VELICHHAM TV (June 17 JAYA PLUS TV
122  Ms. Sanjana  News Presenter  VELICHHAM TV(June 17 JAYA PLUS TV
122 Ms.Gunavarthani News Presenter HEADLINES TV HEADLINES TV
121  Ms. Priyadharshini Program Presenter  VENDAR TV  VENDAR TV
120  Mr. Bergin  News Presenter  VELICHAM TV  VELICHAM TV
119 Mr.Madhan Program Presenter SHALINI PLUS SHALINI PLUS
118  Mr. Palani Kumar  News Presenter  CAPTAIN TV (Feb ’17) MALAIMURASU TV
117  Mr. Anand Babu  News Presenter  WIN TV (Dec ’16) WIN TV
116  Mr. Padmanaban  News Presenter  SATHYAM TV (Nov ’16)  SATHYAM TV
115  Mr. Berdinan Bergin  News Presenter  G TV (Oct ‘ 16)  G TV
114  Ms. Kalpana  News Presenter  RAJ TV  (Sep ’16)  RAJ TV
113  Ms. Vaishnavi  News Presenter  RAJ TV  (Sep ’16)  RAJ TV
112  Mr. Praveen Kumar  News Presenter  SATHYAM TV  SATHYAM TV
111  Ms. Sindhu Sri  News Presenter  RAJ TV (Aug ‘ 16)  RAJ TV
110  Ms. Prabhavathy  News Presenter  MALAI MURASU(Aug  ’16)  MALAI MURASU
109  Ms. Deepa  News Presenter  MOON TV  MOON TV
108  Ms. Sheeba Evlin  News Presenter  MOON TV  MOON TV
107  Ms. Ananthanayaki  News Presenter  MADHIMUGAM  MADHIMUGAM
106  Ms. Dafni  News Presenter  VELICHAM  MALAI MURASU
105  Ms. Udaya  News Presenter  MALAI MURASU (Jul  ’16)  POLIMER
104  Ms. Puranthari Devi  Sub-Editor (News)  MALAI MURASU  MALAI MURASU
103  Ms. Kamatchi  News Presenter  VASANTH TV (Jul’16)  VASANTH TV
102  Mr. Ramkumar  News Presenter  IMAYAM (Jun ’16)  MALAI MURASU
101  Mr. Pawnselvi  News Presenter  IMAYAM (May ’16)  MALAI MURASU
100  Mr. Sivasankar(Siva)  News Presenter / Reporter  NAMADHU TV APP  SATHYAM TV
99  Ms. Shanthalakshmi  News Presenter  SATHYAM TV (May’16)  SATHYAM TV
98  Mr. Parthiban  News Presenter  VASANTH TV  VASANTH TV
97  Ms. Swetha  News Presenter  SHALINI TV  WIN TV
96  Ms. Manjula  News Presenter  THAMIZHAN TV  THAMIZHAN TV
95  Ms. Sowmya  News Presenter  VASANTH TV  VASANTH TV
94  Ms. Sudharsana  News Presenter  THANTHI TV  THANTHI TV
93  Ms. Rajalakshmi  News Presenter  NEWS 7  NEWS 7
92  Ms. Jeyashree  News Presenter  WIN TV  MAKKAL TV
91  Ms. Gnanapriya  News Presenter  WIN TV  
90  Mr. Vignesh N  News Presenter  KALAIGNAR TV  
89  Mr. Raghavan  News Presenter  RAJ  NEWS  RAJ  NEWS
88  Mr. Abdul Khalid  News Presenter  MOON TV  
87  Ms. Gayathri.R  News Presenter  Kanchipuram Cable TV  
86  Ms.  Srividhya  News Presenter  POLIMER  NEWS 7
85  Ms. Gauthami  News Presenter  MOON TV  MAKKAL TV
84  Mr. Samsathish  Producer  SATHYAM TV  SATHYAM TV
83  Ms.Sharanya  News Presenter  WIN TV  
82  Ms.Mythili  News Presenter  CAPTAIN TV  CAPTAIN TV
81  Ms.Uma  News Presenter  CAPTAIN TV  CAPTAIN TV
80  Ms.Swathisthta  Compere  JAYA TV  NEWS 7
79  Ms.Sathya  News Presenter  DOORDARSHAN (Eng.)  DOORDARSHAN  (Eng.)
78  Ms.Rajasri  News Presenter  MEGA TV  
77  Mr.Durgairaj  Programme Host  DEERAN TV  
76  Mr.Ramanathan  Asst. Producer  CAPTAIN TV  
75  Dr.Vidhya  News Presenter  WIN TV  
74  Ms.Sofia  Compere  DEERAN TV  
73  Ms.Stella Mary  News Presenter  WEB TV  MALAI MURASU
72  Mr. Hemanth  News Presenter  SATHYAM TV  SUN NEWS
71  Mr. Rajesh  News Presenter  WIN TV  
70  Mr.Renganadhan  News Presenter  WIN TV  WIN TV
69  Mr.Sethumadhavan  News Presenter  POLIMER  
68  Mr. Akilan  News Presenter  WIN TV  
67  Ms. Anuradha  Compere  DOORDARSHAN  
66  Mr. Vendhan  News Presenter / Analyst  CAPTAIN TV  CAPTAIN TV
65  Ms. Gowri Venkatesh  News Presenter  THAMIZHAN  TV  THAMIZHAN  TV
64  Mr.Divyabharathi  News Presenter  SATHYAM TV  
63  Ms. Mohanapriya  News Presenter  SATHYAM TV  
62  Ms.Vaidhehi  Compere  FREE LANCER  
61  Ms. Sudha Prabhuram  News Presenter  MEGA TV  
59  Ms.Deepa  Compere  DOORDARSHAN  
58  Ms. Sanjana  VJ  SUN MUSIC  
57  Ms. Sasirekha  Compere  IMAYAM TV  
56  Ms. Geetha  Cookery Show  ZEE TAMIL  
55  Ms. Parimala  Cookery Show  VIJAY TV  FREELANCER
54  Ms. Priyanka  VJ  SS MUSIC  
53  Ms. Srimathi  Voice Artist  SHANKARA TV  
52  Ms. Shaheen  Voice Artist  MAKKAL TV  
51  Ms. Nagalakshmi  Voice Artist  MAKKAL TV  
50  Ms. Malaani  Documentary Commentator (Eng.)  FREE LANCER  
49  Ms. Prahalika  Freelance  Presenter  ALL INDIA RADIO  
48  Ms. Vaani  Freelance  Presenter  ALL INDIA RADIO  
47  Mr. Vikram  Freelance  Presenter  ALL INDIA RADIO  
46  Ms. Jasmin(Bajidha  Begum)  Program Presenter(Telugu)  ALL INDIA RADIO  
44  Ms. Sowmya  RJ  AAHAA FM  SURIYAN FM
43  Mr. Sudhakar   News Presenter  WEB TV  
42  Ms. Gayathri   News Presenter  VASANTH TV  
41  Ms. Sasikala   News Presenter  THAMIZHAN TV  
40  Ms. Bharathi   News Presenter  WIN TV  
39  Ms. Vasanthi   News Presenter  WIN TV  
38  Ms. Kalpana   News Presenter  THAMIZHAN TV  
37  Ms. Gayathri   News Presenter  VASANTH TV  
36  Mr. Lakshmanan   News Presenter  RAJ TV  
35  Ms. Sudha prabhuraam   Compere  IMAYAM TV  
34  Ms. Sudha   News Presenter  IMAYAM TV  
33  Ms. Sathya   News Presenter  MAKKAL TV  
32  Ms. Vijayasri   News Presenter  THAMIZHAN TV  
31  Ms. Karpagam   News Presenter  WIN TV  SUN NEWS
30  Mr. Waseem Bari   News Presenter  DOORDARSHAN  
29  Ms. Renuka Dayanand   News Presenter  SUN NEWS  
28  Ms. Geetha   News Presenter  WIN TV  
27  Ms. Sindhuja   Reporter  DOORDARSHAN  
26  Ms. Dhanasekaran  Sub-Editor  CAPTAIN TV  
25  Ms. Latha  News Presenter  MEGA TV  
24  Ms. Sumanna  News Presenter  MOON TV  
23  Ms. Krishnaveni  News Presenter  WIN TV  
22  Ms. Gowri  News Presenter  IMAYAM TV  
21  Mr. Ramkumar  News Presenter  MOON TV  
20  Prof. Deepa  News Presenter  MOON TV  MEGA TV
19  Ms. Priya Navaneed  News Presenter  SUN NEWS  
18  Ms. Maria Henry  News Presenter  RAJ TV & MEGA TV  
17  Ms. Sandhya  News Presenter  RAJ TV  
16  Ms. Malathi  News Presenter  WIN TV  
15  Mr. Alwinraja  News Presenter  MOON TV  
14  Ms. Bhavithra  News Presenter  MOON TV  
13  Ms. Mohanapriya  News Presenter  THAMIZHAN,  SATHYAM TV  
12  Ms.Vijayalakshmi  News Presenter  THAMIZHAN TV  
11  Mr. Radhakrishnan  News Presenter  MAKKAL TV  
10  Ms. Deepa  News Presenter  RAJ TV (Eng.)  
9  Ms. Vihanika  News Presenter  RAJ TV  POLIMER
8  Mr. Venkatesan  News Presenter  CAPTAIN TV  
7  Ms. Sheeja  News Presenter  JAYA TV (Eng.)  
6  Ms. Geethanjali Ravi  News Presenter  JAYA TV (Eng.)  
5  Ms. Siddiqa Hussain  Program Presenter  OMEN RADIO  
4  Mr. Baranidharan  News Presenter  RAJ TV  RAJ TV
3  Ms. Parasakthi  News Presenter  RAJ TV  KALAIGNAR TV
2  Ms. Sangeetha  Uthamkumar  News Presenter  KALAIGNAR TV  KALAIGNAR TV
1  Ms. Anuradha  News Presenter  MEGA TV  KALAIGNAR TV

Note: Our alumni are requested to help us in updating the details of the data.
Kindly mail us your details of current designation and name of the channel currently working. Also the alumni students whose names are missed here kindly write to us without any hesitation. We feel proud of you wherever you are!
Mail id: mail@afschoolofnewsreading.com
The Best Wishes to everyone who have succeeded and who are going to succeed!

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  1. Dr.Bharathwaj says:

    Its very nice to see. HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO AF SCHOOL.

  2. Dr.Balaji says:

    Our team wishes to you and your success always.

  3. Prabhu says:

    Best Wishes

  4. Dwaraknath Koyal says:

    Aap ki khusiyon mey Hum bi shaamil Hain…


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  7. BharaniDharan says:

    On the 10th Anniversary; My family Best Wishes to the AF School of News Reading as you celebrate this special day. May each coming year brings you 10 times the happiness you’ve found in your first 10 years.Happy Anniversary.Our sincere wishes to the founder also who makes the success every day and makes this institution as a “Learning Tree”.

  8. Iswarya Gurumurthy says:

    Wishing Many more years to go Sir!!!!

    I wanted to send you big, heartfelt congratulations on this amazing milestone,a very special 10th anniversary…

  9. Eduquest Team from Singapore and India wishes HAPPY BIRTH DAY to AF School of News Reading.
    All the very Best and Success in the years to come Prof. Abul Faiz.

    On Behalf of
    Eduquest International Institute – Singapore
    Eduquestindia Institute – Chennai

  10. Adithi says:

    im sooooo happy for afschool and abul sir.its been 10 long years since u started this school sir…being a part of this school makes me feel so dam proud.so here im wishing afschool happy happy birthday..

  11. Deepa Harish Kumar says:

    The great people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and make them an inspiration. Heartfelt wishes to AF School of newsreading and Prof. Abul Faiz many more years of existence and prosperity. Keep inspiring and spread the goodness. -Deepa & Harish Kumar

  12. Really am so happy and THANKFUL to ALL the Good Hearts who are wishing our AF School. Pray for us. – Prof.N.Abul Faiz

  13. Rathi meena says:

    wishing a happy 10’th anniversary..!!
    very happy and proud to be the part of this institution on its ten’th year!!
    great year ahed 🙂 🙂

  14. R.K.Radhakrishnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is R.K.Radhakrishnan, Advocate, your student.

    “Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three.” –Confucius

    I personally felt, you guided us to found other three corners to lead life.

    Yours yearning

  15. Prof. E. Senthil Kumaran says:

    All the best, afschoolofnewsreading, in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of your firm.

  16. Sandhya.S.G says:

    HAPPY BIRTH DAY to AF School of News Reading.
    Best wishes for much more success ahead.
    And happy to be a part of the school.